Trophy Canada Moose Hunting in Alberta, Canada

Canadian Hunting Company offers one of the highest success rates for archery, rifle and muzzleloader guided Canadian moose hunts in northern Alberta. We have yearly success rates well over 80% for Canadian moose hunting and would love to have you hunt with us! We offer trophy Canadian moose hunts where you measure the antler spread in feet, not inches. Come with us 15 miles in to the wilderness to our remote Canadian moose hunting camp in northern Alberta, Canada. With the abundance of Canadian moose in our hunting area, each hunter has an excellent opportunity at harvesting a quality trophy.

Guided Canadian moose hunts use amphibious vehicles. The only way into camp is a 1.5 hour ride putting you into the most remote areas where trophy Canadian moose hunting is done. The biggest moose to date is just over 66" B & C. Trophy moose hunts are not physical hunts, we've had hunters in wheelchairs hunt with great success.

Our Canadian moose hunts are run from a comfortable camp and we pride ourselves in serving great meals. We also provide snowmobiles for late season trophy moose hunts.

2014 Canadian Moose Hunting Costs:
7 Day Guided Canada Moose Hunts
Timber forest and river calling Canadian Moose hunting $5,450 + $500 license fee
Prime Time
7 Day Canada Moose Hunts
Timber forest, lake and/or river, Canadian Moose hunting $6,250 + $500 license fee
Late Season
7 Day Canada Moose Hunts
Timber forest, spot & stalk Canadian Moose hunting $5,450 + $500 license fee

We are licensed, insured and pride ourselves in providing 100% effort on your guided hunt. For guided trophy moose hunting in Alberta, Canada, call Canadian Hunting Company for the best guided hunts in Alberta, Canada!

Phone: (250) 262-7015

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moose hunting alberta canada
Alberta Moose Hunting
moose hunting alberta canada