Trophy Black Bear Hunts and Trophy Canadian Moose Hunting in Alberta Canada

  • Spring black bear hunting over bait or spot and stalk trophy black bear hunting
  • Prime time "rut" trophy moose hunts or late season Canadian moose hunting
Our spring black bear hunting and trophy Canadian moose hunting take place in the most remote parts of northern Alberta. Our hunting areas will allow you to hunt for very large Canadian moose (species: Alces alces andersoni) and trophy black bears (species: Ursus americanus). The camp is situated in a vast boreal forest which offers the best moose hunting, guided black bear hunting and timber wolf in Alberta.

Our goal is to provide our guests with quality trophy black bear hunting, trophy Canadian moose hunting and a memorable guided hunt. Our moose hunting and black bear hunts are done from a comfortable camp where we pride ourselves in serving great meals and delivering our clients to their stands or hunting area on time using ATVs. With the abundance of trophy black bear and trophy Canadian moose in our northern Alberta hunting area, each hunter has an excellent opportunity at harvesting a quality trophy. Success rates are:
  • Canadian Moose Hunting (Rut): 100% for hunters getting good opportunities 2005, 2006 & 2007
  • Canadian Moose Hunting (Late Season): 100% in 2003 & 2004
  • Guided Black Bear Hunting (Spring): 100% on hunters getting good opportunities at bears for many years
We are licensed, insured and pride ourselves in providing 100% effort on your guided hunt. For guided black bear hunting or trophy Canadian Moose hunting in Alberta, Canada, call Canadian Hunting Company for the best guided hunts in Alberta, Canada!

Phone: (250) 262-7015

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