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"The Hunter's Diary" - Black Bear Hunting & Moose Hunting Video

Join Canadian Hunting Company on a 45 minute journey into the Canadian wilderness on guided black bear hunts and Canadian bull moose hunts.

This exciting video covers both rifle and bow black bear hunts and moose hunts in the untamed northern wilderness of Alberta, Canada. "The Hunter's Diary" puts you in the heart of the action in the most remote areas in which the trophy moose and black bear live.

Black Bear Hunting
Our spring black bear hunts have produced some of Alberta's biggest trophies. Go on location and see the taking of 18 black bear, many over 7 feet!
Free Sneak Peek at the video (2.29 MB)

Moose Hunting
See the harvest of several bull Canadian moose, the largest at 60 inches B&C!
Free Sneak Peek at the video (2.14 MB)

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Please contact us for information about booking an unforgettable moose hunting trip. We will do all the necessary homework to guarantee that your moose hunt will be successful.

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Black Bear Hunting Video
Free Sneak Peek at the video (2.29 MB)

Moose Hunting Video
Sneak Peek at the video (2.14 MB)

If you'd like to hunt trophy black bear or Canadian Bull Moose in Alberta, Canada, call Canadian Hunting Company for an exciting hunting trip!